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As IT systems become complex and integrated, solutions need to span across multiple applications and technologies. Role of Solution Architect becomes critical in designing the required solution for its successful implementation.

Solution Architects at Webwheel Technologies can design the feasible solution that fits within your overall enterprise architecture, after analysing your business needs, understanding existing IT landscape and other delivery constraints.

Our Solution Architects work closely with the business analysts and application platform teams and assesses the requirements, defines what applications or components need to be amended or created, evaluates which enterprise architecture artefacts are applicable and determines what is achievable for the given money and time.

Webwheel Technologies’s Solution Architecting services cover the following areas:

Solution Analysis

Our Solution Architect analyses the business requirements along with its impact on various other components and how it can be implemented within the project constraints, in terms of costs, schedules and team dynamics.

Solution Architecting

We specialize in architecting robust, scalable, high performance solutions on leading technology platforms. We also assist in deploying the solution on leading cloud environments, like Windows Azure or Amazon Elastic cloud.

Solution Design

Solution Design service delivers completed designs for the end-state solution, along with details for each migration phase. Beginning with a well-characterized current environment, we create designs that are ready to implement — identifying technical risks and offering strategies to avoid project delays and cost overruns.

Solution Audit

The Audit service details which systems and topology exist in the current communications environment, which are working close to capacity limits, which may not be configured correctly, and which may not be supported moving forward. This Audit establishes a benchmark and is suitable for a high-level executive review, assessing and validating the present state of the enterprise IT environment.

Solution Recommendation

The Recommendation service prepares high-level technical plans and helps you identify the necessary budget for the envisioned end-state solution. In this way, we help you and other stakeholders understand your options and guide you toward the optimal solution for your organization — one that aligns with your business strategies and budget considerations.

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