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Offshore Development Service

Webwheel Technologies is a leading provider of offshore development services. We specialize in providing Offshore Delivery Services with a truly global approach – along with right mix of quality-control processes, people and price.

Our offshore development services are designed to help organizations find ways to reduce IT costs, and obtain higher productivity from skilled resources without sacrificing quality.

Some of the business values organizations can derive from Webwheel Technologies’s offshore delivery services are:

  • Increased Operational Flexibility - Brings agility to your business. Allows organizations to better adapt to market changes and customer demands. You can now redirect valuable resources more efficiently and strategically.
  • Reduced Investment - Ability to have world class service without having to make significant capital investments and manage processes internally or increasing headcount and fixed costs.
  • Ability to Scale - Outsourcing partners can rapidly to match a company´s growth.
  • Reduce Cost of Ownership - Transforming fixed costs to variable costs and providing operational flexibility
  • Access to Expertise - By investing in people and resources, Outsourcing partners can bring new ideas and innovation to help you succeed in a changing business environment.

Offshore Resource Augmentation (Short Term Engagement)

  • Align model with Client Business Strategy
  • Ensure Success of Relationship
  • Head counts on-demand (Offsite)
  • Project Based Time & Material and/or Fixed bid
  • Quality & Cost of resources assured

Global Delivery Model (Medium Term Engagement)

  • Highly Integrated and Managed Teams
  • Planned Knowledge Management
  • Extension of Customer Team into lower cost talent pool
  • Head counts on-demand (Offsite)
  • Quality & Cost of Projects assured

Strategic Partnership (Long Term Engagement)

  • Setting up Client’s dedicated Delivery Center / Offsite Development Center
  • Strategically aligned partners, willing to share goals, risks & rewards
  • Blend alternate channels of Service Delivery to create a highly adaptive engagement model
  • Quality & Cost of Engagement assuredHighly Integrated and Managed Teams

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