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Parking Management

With the ever increasing number of cars every day, the need for an efficient and safe parking management system is felt strongly. In places like colleges, shopping malls, offices, hospitals etc., maintenance and security of parking zones is critical.

To counter this pressing need with a focus on urban development optimization, Eco Tracksys has introduced an RFID based Parking Management System.

After an extensive on-site assessment and evaluation of the existing infrastructure and the prevalent traffic conditions, we design the best solution to optimize parking space and experience.

Customised parking management systems help ease the guided parking operation, increase the security within the parking area and help with faster access to parking during peak traffic hours.

Our Solution

Car Parking Management system is a method of providing automatic authorization only to the registered vehicles through a computerized system of application software, RFID Reader, RFID Tags and Boom Barrier.

This system accurately identifies and authorizes vehicle movement by providing automatic data capture and detailed reporting, which ensures smooth movement of vehicle through controlled entrances.

Benefits of the Solutions

  • RFID tags affixed to automobiles help automate access to communities and parking lots without requiring any human intervention.
  • Can help monitor vehicle activity at times of entry or exit via surveillance cameras.
  • Can maintain a database of access activities in the RFID reader or host computer.
  • Helps administer billing of daily, weekly, or monthly fees automatically.
  • Eliminates manual record keeping, thereby increasing accuracy and staff productivity.
  • Optimum usage of vertical and horizontal parking space.
  • Leads to shorter queues at autopays as waiting time is drastically reduced even at peak hours.

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