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Cloud Computing

More and more companies are adopting cloud computing services to realize the benefits of business agility, infrastructure flexibility and scalability, and cost efficiency. Successful cloud migrations allow companies to free their IT resources and focus on their core competencies and product innovation. Webwheel Technologies provides cloud computing services in scalable, custom applications for the cloud and can help your cloud transition a reality.

We help you leverage cloud computing technologies to operate more efficiently, while also further enable a service-based IT delivery model, resulting in improved responsiveness to business needs. We at Webwheel Technologies have expertise in the Microsoft Windows Azure, Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services cloud computing platforms, and can help you navigate the opportunities and risks in building cloud-based application solutions.

Our cloud computing service offerings include:

Cloud Advisory Services

We help customers in conducting an application portfolio analysis to study the current application stack and identify application fit with stable, secure and cost-effective Cloud platforms. Application criticality, business benefits, risks and feasibility for Cloud migration are the key factors we consider while prioritizing applications for Cloud adoption.

Cloud Development Services

Our Cloud Development Services include developing new applications for a specific Cloud platform such as Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google App Engine and also maintaining existing customer applications on the Cloud.

Cloud Integration Services

Our Cloud Integration Services help customers in design, development and testing of interfaces between on-premise applications and applications deployed on the Cloud with the objective to minimize real-time data exchange between the Cloud application and customer on-premise applications.

Cloud Migration Services

Our cloud migration services ensure a step-wise approach with well-defined phases aimed at helping organizations identify applications that are ideal for cloud migration, plan for data and application migration for deployment on a specific cloud platform.

Business Benefits

Our Cloud Computing services offer business benefits including:

  • Reduction of cost of managing and maintain IT resources and pay only for the actual usage
  • Scalability to fluctuating demand for computing resources based on dynamic business conditions
  • Ensuring business continuity with protection of your data
  • Rapidly setting up technology stacks for IT projects to be delivered in critical timelines
  • Maximizing utilization of computing resources, reducing their management complexity, flexibly reusing computing resources across widely ranging needs of multiple projects

Why Webwheel Technologies Cloud?

With our profound expertise, structured methodologies, frameworks, and multi-vendor alliances, our cloud computing services can help you in your cloud transitioning initiatives to derive maximum business benefits. Some of the key differentiators include:

  • Dedicated Cloud Services Practice with focus on building competencies
  • Structured methodologies for accelerated delivery at lowered risk
  • Partnership with Cloud Platform providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google
  • Enhanced experience by providing a single point of accountability and service assurance, based on service level agreements (SLAs)

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