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Asset Management

Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies are enhanced using the RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). It helps achieve a faster and more reliable means of identifying material object automatically.

RFID with the help of RFID tags or transponders stores and retrieved remote date automatically. RFID tags, attached to or incorporated into a product, vehicle or asset, are recognized using radio waves.

Managing and tracking assets properly becomes effortless with RFID. Not only does it serve purposes of financial accounting, preventative maintenance, and theft deterrence but also manages the assets.

Issues faced by a company with regard to Tracking and managing Assets

  • Inability to Monitor and track Asset movement.
  • Asset invisibility and Asset under-utilization.
  • Inaccurate Asset inventory.
  • Time wastage in searching, picking and inventorying.
  • Conflict between departments on production process.
  • Dependency on persons.
  • Unmanageable paper work.
  • Unmanaged daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Asset security and non-compliance.
  • Unable to find asset maintenance cycle and expiration automatically.

Benefits unique to Eco- ATIMS

  • Eco-Real time reporting system.
  • Online server based Application with Eco-backup system.
  • Easy to integrate with another systems (ERP,PLCs ,Barcode ) via Eco-dynamic feature.
  • Easy to use Eco-ATIMS system saves extra resource allocation.
  • Accurate reporting System generates all sorts of reports that based on location, items, cycle dependencies, department specifics, on a periodic basis.

Other benefits

  • Easy & automatic Monitoring and tracking of Asset movement
  • Automatic and Accurate Asset inventory
  • Less Human intervention.
  • Easy searching, picking and inventorying of asset.
  • Monitor Asset maintenance cycle.
  • Identifies the deviations from expected Asset location or condition.
  • Access historical data to identify and eliminate operational bottlenecks.

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